The 2019 Cooper Jones Memorial Twilight Series is held under USA Cycling event permit:


Each season we support local racing by hosting the Twilight Series.

  • Racers will start in the pack they finished in last year, or would have been advanced to after series 3. (must be within the stated categories)
  • Requests to move down a pack when a rider can no longer compete in their current pack will be handled on a case by case basis. Just let us know!  (must be within the stated categories)
  • Review the number placement section. Numbers MUST be clearly visible from the side when in a riding position. Not on your back, shoulder, etc. On the side panel of your jersey.
  • Review the FAQs and other sections of the Twilight Series menu for additional information.
  • Please do not have personal vehicles follow the race caravan. We do not want to cause traffic congestion for the local residents. If you must get to a point where you want to watch, drive the course in reverse until you reach that point.
  • Please renew your annual USAC license early! Visit  
  • One day licenses will be available at registration for Cat 5 men or Cat 4/5 women. Price is $10.

We appreciate your support of these local races! Thanks to all the racers and volunteers that make the Twilight Series a success!

We have Tuesday and Thursday interval rides starting in March and ending at the end of October. Most evenings the rides start at 5:15pm.

We also have Saturday rides generally starting in February and ending in November.

During the winter months, we have coordinated indoor training rides on Zwift.

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Look under Twilight Series, Schedule for the racing events we host.

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Baddlands Cycling Club is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Who is Cooper Jones?
Cooper Jones loved sports. He really loved cycling, both mountain and road. His biggest joy was riding and racing. On June 24th, 1997, Cooper was racing in a time trial. A few miles into his race, while riding between the fog line and the edge of the pavement, an elderly driver hit him from behind at highway speed. Cooper never recovered and died a week later. Racing in Washington State was in limbo. At that time there were no laws against racing but there were also no laws allowing it... through the efforts of Cooper's parents, David and Martha Jones, you are once again able to race safely and legally in this state. Please think of Cooper every time you ride your bike or enter a race. ~ Tailwinds Forever Cooper ~

Article Cooper wrote while in school:

My name is Cooper Jones, a twelve year old student at Chase MiddleSchool, and I would like to be an Olympic cyclist some day. My family is mostimportant to me.My family includes my mother, Martha, my father David, and that little creature we call Carter. My favorite teachers of all times would have to be my parents. They are very  knowledgeable and can help me withanything like homework and minor bike repairs. I enjoy sports and the outdoors. My favorite outdoor activity is bike racing, I like traveling at high speeds.

Look for me in the 2008 Summer Olympics, I will be the one with the chunk of gold around my neck. I have accomplished a great deal in my life time. Some of my greatest accomplishments are academic. I was chosen to go to Science Champions three years in a row, I was chosen to attend the Saturday Science Academy at Libby School last year, I received the Presidential Award in 6th grade and I am on the honor roll at Chase Middle School. I have been a Boy Scout in Troop 334 for one and a half years. I have already reached Life Rank and I am the Senior Patrol Leader in my troop. My goals in life are to go to college at the University of Notre Dame, join the Air Force as a pilot, retire early and get a job as a pilot for a commercial airline. My academic achievements and my commitment to Boy Scouts will help me achieve these goals.

There are only a few "potholes" on my road to success. The largest pothole on this road are my parent's jobs. In addition to long hard hours both of my parents are currently attending or have attended school recently. Their dedication to their jobs and education makes it hard for me to exploit them for their time and money. My health is not exactly perfect either. First of all I have to wear glasses to help correct the drifting of the lenses in my eyes and my teeth are crooked so I am forced to have sharp metal objects glued to them! Last but not least, my favorite hobby and sport, bike racing, is very expensive. A good racing bike costs about $1,500.00!!

The potholes are easily dodged and don't slow me down.

APRIL 16, 1984 - JULY 2, 1997