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STOKR 2023 Images


June 9, 10 and 11th -  2023
STOKR, Libby MT. Baddlands Version 


Day 1 - 100 plus miles!!
4,000 plus ft elevation gain

Day 2..photo op - 21 Miles


Day 1 -Steve at the Falls



Day 1 - Beth gets her portrait taken at the Falls


Day 1 - Nice Paceline


Day 1 - Phil pulling the pack.



Day 1 - Greg hammering on.


Scenic ride for sure!


Everything was green..and no rain and plenty of sunshine


Day 1- Curtis doing a strong pull


Day 1 - Sue hammering


Day 1 -Tony enjoying a good pull


Greg and Alex hamming it up


Anyone seen my bike??


Rolling into Libby


Friday evening dinner


Phil and Steve...Life is GREAT at STOKR 2023


Alex - Thanks all for doing STOKR again. Keeping the tradition alive





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